Patch Notes/PS4 の変更点

*AUG 2,2016 - 2016年8月2日 [#x3d7cc4c]
**季節イベント・サマーゲーム [#i006b873]
-新たな季節イベント「Summer Games」を開始しました。Summer Gamesは8月22日まで開催されており、プレイヤーは「Summer Games」をプレイすることで100を超えるシーズンアイテムが入ったSumme Games Loot Boxs を入手することが出来ます。
**一般 [#u39572c8]
***ライバルプレイ [#xdf9bde9]
***その他 [#qd8f15e4]
**マップ関連 [#u63bcec1]
-Watchpoint: Gibraltarの攻撃についてより良いバランスを保つためにいくつかのマイナーな調整を行なった。
**ユーザーインターフェイス [#xa88a707]
-プレイヤーはLoot Boxを入手する際にSummer Games Loot Boxか通常のLoot Boxかどちらを入手するか選択することが出来ます
**バグフィクス [#rb6b4bc1]
***一般 [#r2ab6d2c]
-D.Vaで実績「The Path Is Closed」が取得出来なくなっていた問題を修正
***マップ [#wd567ba0]
***ヒーロー [#pa1ee59b]
-アナの『Most in Game』に関する問題の修正
***ライバルプレイ [#i7debd34]
***AI [#m4639c01]
**ライバルプレイ [#t326f0a0]
**ヒーロー関連 [#edcf16ee]
***&ana; アナ [#dcd76cfb]
-&ref(編集用画像一覧/ana_ab_01.png,nolink); ''バイオティック・ライフル - BIOTIC RIFLE''
--リロード時、装填される弾数の強化 &color(#0000ff){8 → 10};
***&mccree; マクリー [#x49136fa]
-&ref(編集用画像一覧/mccree_ab_01.png,nolik); ''ピースキーパー - PEACEKEEPER (メイン)''
--ダメージの距離減衰の始まる距離の変更 &color(#0000ff){30m → 20m};
-&ref(編集用画像一覧/mccree_ab_01.png,nolink); ''ピースキーパー - PEACEKEEPER (ファニング)''
--発射レートの向上 &color(#0000ff){+15%};
-&ref(編集用画像一覧/mccree_ab_03.png,nolink); ''フラッシュバン - FLASHBANG''
--アビリティ使用後の自身の硬直時間の変更 &color(#0000ff){0.5秒 → 0.35秒};
**バグフィクス [#a4ce4800]
***一般 [#o36dfbd1]
***ヒーロー関連 [#bad5698d]
***ユーザーインターフェイス関連 [#m427a882]

**原文 [#fa1893a7]
***New Seasonal Event: Summer Games [#n248d488]
-Crack your knuckles, stretch those hamstrings, and turn up the volume—the Summer Games are here! From now through August 22, players can earn Summer Games Loot Boxes, collect over 100 seasonal items, and challenge their friends to a futuristic soccer match in our new brawl: Lúcioball!

To learn more about the Summer Games, click here.

***GENERAL UPDATES [#refc81ff]

-Competitive Play
--Players who leave a competitive match before its conclusion will now have to wait for at least 10 minutes before joining another competitive match
--During subsequent rounds on Assault maps (Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries), the amount of time provided for team assembly has been reduced

--Added Lúcio as an AI hero in Practice vs. AI, Play vs. AI, and Custom Game modes
--Several minor, behind-the-scenes improvements have been made to the in-game matchmaker

I'm so glad that the ineetnrt allows free info like this!
***BUG FIXES [#mf51ea1a]

--Fixed a bug where Widowmaker’s “Noire” skin and the Origins Edition skins would not count towards unlock progress of the “Decked Out” Achievement
--Fixed a bug where “The Path Is Closed” Achievement could not be obtained by D.Va while in her mech
--[PC Only] Fixed a bug where players were unable to use the “Join Game” option from the social menu on their friends
--Fixed a bug that caused Custom Games to ignore the “Return to Lobby” setting when the game mode was set to Competitive
--Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Tutorial to become unplayable after players switched heroes
--[PC Only] Fixed a display bug with the mouse cursor for Windows systems using a 16-bit desktop
--[PC Only] Removed developer option to disable all shadows via the settings file

--Fixed a bug causing the “old timey” end-of-round music filter on Hollywood to remain active after leaving a match
--Fixed a bug that kept the 30-seconds-remaining music from activating correctly on Payload maps.

--Fixed a bug that was affecting the majority of Ana’s “Most in Game” career statistics
--Fixed a bug that caused Ana’s Biotic Grenade to miss an allied Reaper while in Wraith Form
--Fixed a bug with that caused Junkrat’s “Jester” and “Fool” skins to incorrectly display during a Highlight Intro
--Fixed a bug that kept Soldier: 76’s Ultimate charge meter from displaying progress gained for the Tactical Visor ability in the Tutorial
--Fixed a bug that caused the visuals and sound effects on Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer to malfunction when hitting an enemy
--Fixed a bug that caused Widowmaker’s “Widow’s Kiss” spray to be replaced by the “Je Te Vois” spray

-Competitive Play
--Fixed a bug that kept grouped players from being able to rejoin a match when disconnected
--Fixed a bug that caused a player’s Skill Rating to be displayed incorrectly when rejoining a match in progress

--Fixed an issue hindering Ana from restoring allies to full health
--Fixed an issue allowing Reaper to use Wraith Form to escape in situations where he should be stunned

***Competitive Play [#a5ddaa3c]
-Attacking teams now have 4 minutes to capture the first point on Assault maps (down from 5 minutes)


-Ana [#vbf46a1f]
--Biotic Rifle
---Rate of fire increased by 20%
---Magazine size increased from 8 to 10

Developer Comments: While Ana has been very well received, she was showing to be a little bit weaker overall. In addition to helping her feel better to play, these changes should also increase her healing and damage output.

-McCree [#v9a71a35]
--Primary Fire
---Damage falloff range decreased by 10 meters
---Damage falloff amount is unchanged
---As a result, even with this change, McCree’s effective range is still higher than it was at launch
--Alternate Fire
---Rate of fire increased by 15%
---Recovery time (i.e. the amount of time before McCree can fire again) decreased from 0.5 seconds to 0.35 seconds

Developer Comments: McCree’s latest range increase helped him quite a bit, but it was a bit too much in the right hands. This change weakens his long range damage somewhat, but still keeps it stronger than it has been in the recent past. The other changes combine to allow him to land more alternate fire shots on targets that he has hit with Flashbang.

***BUG FIXES [#jb06106a]

-General [#oa288e60]
--Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the killcam to show a black screen
--Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to lose the ability to select a hero using a controller on the hero select screen

-Heroes [#od2f3314]
--Targets of Ana’s Sleep Dart will no longer instantly recover when damaged (recovery time is now 0.5 seconds)
--The correct hit pip sound will now play whenever one of Ana’s darts impact with a barrier
--All of Ana’s in-game sounds now have proper occlusion

-***User Interface [#cc4a645b]
--Fixed a bug that caused “Attack” and “Defend” indicators to not always display on the hero select screen
--Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Lúcio, Mei, and other models to only partially render (or disappear)
--Fixed a bug that caused the scoreboard to sometimes display the wrong stats if you switched hero mid-match
--Fixed a bug in Competitive Play that caused the numbers on the post-match skill rating bar to not increment correctly

*コメント [#q3667a07]