Patch Notes/PC の変更点

*AUG 9,2016 - 2016年8月9日 [#x3d7cc4c]
**マップバランスアップデート [#z3566f82]
**バグフィクス [#kb7e83c4]
***一般 [#c67d4f0e]
***マップ関連 [#n778dfc3]
-Estádio das Rãs
-Temple of Anubis

**原文 [#bb3a2983]
***MAP BALANCE UPDATES [#tb9d7913]
-Respawn time for defenders has been standardized to 10 seconds on all maps
-Payload speed has been slightly reduced on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
***BUG FIXES [#yddb378d]
--Fixed a bug causing incomplete character models to load on the Hero Selection screen
--Fixed a number of bugs causing various crashes and instability issues
-Competitive Play
--Fixed a bug that prevented user interface elements from displaying in some languages
--Fixed a bug that caused the placement matches screen to display when some players would disconnect and rejoin a match
--Estádio das Rãs
---Fixed a bug that allowed players to spawn as heroes other than Lúcio
---Fixed an issue which allowed players to get stuck outside the normal boundaries of the map
--Temple of Anubis
---Fixed a bug causing a portion of the city wall to display incorrectly on all graphics settings

*コメント [#x55f6a41]